In close collaboration with Property management advisors, partners of LAZARE INVEST IMMO with whom we work exclusively, we delegate our professional Transaction card and cover their activities, via Professional Civil Responsibility, using a commercial agent status.
LAZARE INVEST IMMO chooses to take a positive stance in highlighting the quality of French real estate. The choice of properties for sale, the rarity of their characteristics and advertising on targeted platforms, means that most sales can be achieved within three to six months.
It is useless to diversify communication platforms or to multiply sales mandates through real estate agency networks; one of the key elements of the property’s value is its rarity.

Our real-estate know-how is best illustrated by our “SERENITY” sales mandate, which upholds five key principles and contractual commitments:

  • A six-month exclusive contract, which is non-renewable and cancellable at any time: because your property is unique and because it has been validated in a pre-estimation phase, we believe that exclusivity goes hand in hand with its rarity on the market. Our SERENITY sales mandate can be cancelled at any time should you feel that we do not comply with any of our contractual obligations.
  • Taking charge of diagnostics and legal obligations: we provide advice and fully take charge of all legal obligations in terms of mandatory technical diagnostics, such as those related to the determination of the surface area (“CARREZ” law), the checks for the presence of asbestos, lead and termites, natural risks, energetic performance, indoor gas and electricity installations, security of pools…
  • A targeted publicity system: your property will not have maximum visibility but OPTIMAL visibility, via one or two optimised platforms, in line with the nature and characteristics of your asset, but also according to the property’s specific market sector at the time it is presented for sale.
  • A security that is adapted to the sale of your property via the “Serenity” guarantee: we can assure you that, from the moment that the preliminary sale agreement is signed, we will take charge of all risks of death, coma or permanent and absolute invalidity of the buyer (you can see the general and specific conditions of the contract on simple request).