The company LAZARE INVEST IMMO came about as a result of the collective thinking of its partners, who all have a solid experience in the field. This experience has been reinforced by over 20 years in the residential and tertiary property sector, as well as in banking and finance.

More specifically, the ambition of this collective thinking was to fully understand the requirements and expectations of clients who own rental property or are looking to become owners, thus offering them the best possible solution.

It is often the case that shortly after buying rental property, a new owner finds himself dealing with a very average property management service, whether it is part of a large national group or not. This happens even though the research phase and the reasoning behind ownership and financing have required a well-structured and carefully-planned approach.

 Consequently, ensuring the best possible follow-up to avoid potential difficulties should be a key part of any investor’s game plan.

Knowing this, LAZARE INVEST IMMO’s associates and partners have decided to apply their knowledge in their main field of activity (property administration) to the sector of rental management, thus developing an innovative concept that generates added value, for the benefit of our clients and our partners:

In addition, LAZARE INVEST IMMO’s associates and partners are active in a variety of fields which are connected to property management, including valuation reports and property transactions, thanks to a network of independent advisors in property management and other partners, for which LAZARE INVEST IMMO delegates its professional property status.

Aided by our solid experience and know-how, our company distinguishes itself, aside from shared professional ethics (integrity, loyalty and transparency), thanks to a management that is not only diligently carried-out, but which is mainly “bespoke”.